NSX 6.2.3/6.2.4 new Vib and Service

After update from NSX 6.2.2 to 6.2.4 I found out that there is a new vibs deployed at the host preparation phase esx-vdpi and not only that, I see that there is a new services vShield-Protocol-Introspection.

Making some research  regarding the vib and the services,  my assumption is that at the vib and service are related; the esx-vdpi vib correspond to the script “/etc/init.d/vShield-Protocol-Introspection“,  the service and vib may be added to provide “Layer 7” / “App ID” visibility function in the NSX Manager but I guess is in tech preview and not available for production yet, that’s why we cannot find any official documentation for this yet; also found that this services was added in the NSX release 6.2.3 (but remember that version 6.2.3 is buggy and not available for download)

Attach an image before and after the update:


Hopefully we could get more information soon… 🙂

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